Pizza Review
So I’m travelling last night from Halifax to Saint John, it’s a Friday night so I figure pizza places will be open late. I’ve been watching barstool reviews the last couple weeks, so I’m really craving a pizza. I find Joe’s and order a 12 inch. I ask for thin crust with extra cheese. I am using the Portnoy scale where anything in the 6’s means you should eat somewhere else, eat anything else, 7.0 to 7.9 means that it if it’s in your neighbourhood, this is a good place, to get good pizza, anything from 8.0 up to 8.9 means this is REALLY good pizza and it’s worth driving across town for, and anything 9.0 and above is worth traveling to find or if you are in town from somewhere else you should definitely stop at this place while you are in town. Ok, let’s get to the review one bite, everyone knows the rules. It was piping hot which is always expected but sometimes doesn’t happen, the crust was thin and crispy with no flop, although, in fairness, it was a 14 inch and I don’t know if the 16 inch would have had some flop, but it was a good firm crust, not doughy or soggy at all, with some little dark spots on the cheese where it’s almost begun to burn, which is perfect. Whatever my train of thought was at the moment that I took the first bite, it was interrupted by the thought “wow, the sauce is really good!” The funny thing is, I don’t remember ever thinking that before when I’ve bitten into a piece of pizza, and that continued with every.... bite. Every... single... bite. I would definitely eat pizza here if I lived anywhere near Sackville, New Brunswick and if I was driving between anywhere and Halifax, I would probably stop and either eat here or pick one up as I passed by. It’s easy enough to find, you take the exit off the highway, head towards downtown and when you get to the only intersection, turn right and you’ll see it almost immediately on the left. This is really good, non- average pizza and I’d give it an 8.2, and that’s the review.