Pizza Review
Open since 1942, making it 77 years old, there is a reason this place has been popin’ since the Second World War. The sauce rivaled the best sauce I’ve had on a pizza. The cheese rivaled the best cheese I’ve had on a pizza. The dough was as thin as acceptable but had a super crisped outer layer with a delightful chew at the same time. The char on the crust was like fine art-a thin line at the very outermost edge. Most importantly and what set this apart from anything close- is the absolutely perfect ratio of all three components. The Holy Trinity wasn’t playing. Simply miraculous. You wouldn’t even notice the second coming of Christ if you were getting down on this pie at the same time. Word on the street is they use the same cheese guy as John The Baptist. As close to a religious experience as I’ve ever had- google “deligious”. 9.4 no question.