Pizza Review
🛣 Pilgrimage Pie Alert 🛣 A lot of hype surrounding this joint, super high expectations were not only met, but exceeded! Beautifully thin and flavorful dough, leading to an exquisitely crispy and crunchy thin crust, making this a top 5 dough/crust combo I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it’s the water they use or the oven it’s cooked in, but it has that signature New York classic pizza taste. This is a very light pie, not just because of the thin dough but the very scant amount of cheese atop. While they don’t use a ton of cheese, it’s just enough to provide flavor and make you feel like it’s not just a tomato pie. You’ll also notice the sauce is on top of the cheese and plentiful, while also remaining very light. It’s a wonderfully simple sauce, sweet tomatoes, no fresh basil or oregano or extra garlic. While it could use just a little more kick, the sauce is pretty terrific as is, maybe a sprinkle of garlic powder or Parmesan would give it a nice boost. But overall, everything works together magnificently, providing that delicious, old school New York, traditional pizza flavor. I call this a “Pilgrimage Pie” because it’s worth traveling over an hour to try. Right up there with the best Brooklyn and Manhattan pies, this pizza attains legendary status and will not disappoint.