Pizza Review
While New Haven may be the capital of O.G. pizza, the original John’s of Bleecker Street is as old world as it gets in NYC. Established in 1929, John’s offers the best coal-fired pies in Manhattan. The ingredients are simply outstanding. The sauce is deliciously sweet with thick & hearty plum tomatoes scattered about. The cheese is a rich & gooey mozzarella spread generously throughout the pie. The dough is a rare well-balanced combo of chewy & crispy with a beautifully crispy charred crust and that perfect flavor you can only get with dough made in New York City water. You know the ingredients are fresh and fantastic when there is little-to-no grease dripping from the slice. The only issues keeping this score from approaching perfection are: they do not serve slices; you can only order a medium or large pie. But the big caveat: it does NOT travel well. You must eat on-site or within a few minutes of receiving the box. Heed my advice on that. The expectations are high and there’s a lot of hype surrounding this joint. Believe the hype, make the trip and enjoy the best pizza Manhattan has to offer.