Pizza Review
Toppings are good, the pepperoni is a great pie. Could use a bit more crisp but at the source it may be better. Solid pie. Definitely a regular/rotation worthy pie.

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Pizza Review
Excited to try this new (older) pizza joint that was just reopened. Loved the old school vibe of the interior, however, thought that some parts of the building could’ve been updated/refurbished before reopening (bathrooms, some booths, etc). Pizza was a few dollars above average, no refills on soda at $3 each. We ordered a pepperoni pizza with hot honey & cheesesteak Stromboli. Stromboli came out first and it was incorrect. Or was just (from what we thought) Mozzarella and Ricotta (it was like a calzone in Stromboli form). After cutting it up in a few sections looking for Cheesesteak meat, we realized, there wasn’t any and told the waitress. She bright it back and told I’d they’d make us a new one. We appreciated that, but since it takes 20-30 minutes to bake a new one, we told her it was ok. They insisted on taking it off the bill and giving it to us to go, which was unnecessary, but nice of them. We had it for lunch the next day and was disappointed in the lack of meat, next time, we’ll just get a cheesesteak sandwich. The pics came out looking delicious, and was tasty…. However it was not crispy at all. It was very floppy and had to be eaten with a knife and fork. That was a big let down to us. We prefer our pizza a bit crispy, so next time we’ll ask for well done. The place was clean, and our server was very nice and friendly. Other than the minor hiccups of only being open a few weeks (which is what we’ll chalk it up to), it was an slightly above average experience. Bonus points for having a bar, however a PA bar not serving Yuengling is a travesty (and her favorite beer)…so that point cancelled each other out. Will try again, however they are not in the same category as Angelo’s (our favorite in Philly).