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Pizza Review
Yeah ok this is good pizza for sure. However it’s not spectacular like some of the other 8’s on here have it. When you walk in it’s a very clean and inviting shop. Immediately greeted by staff member. Menu of specialty pizzas is huge and a little overwhelming but staff member was very helpful navigating it. Ended up getting the Roni pie. After I picked and ordered a large after going over sizes with the worker was asked if I wanted it in whole wheat or white crust. Told him I’ve never had a whole wheat crust pizza and he had said he actually preferred it so I went with the Roni on whole wheat crust. I was then asked if I wanted them to cook it or wanted to take it home and bake it myself which I thought odd. Why wouldn’t I want them to cook it. Then was offered a free slice from their by the slice area while I waited which was really cool too. Wait was only 7 minutes so really fast to make. The pizza was really floppy and the slices aren’t very big but they cut a large into 12 slices which is probably too many. The flop was likely caused by the small slices and being hard to fold. The sauce and cheeses were good and the whole wheat crust as recommended was surprisingly delicious. Good amount of flavor. Was really heavy and kinda sits in you. Definitely some weight to the pizza. But overall it was a positive experience. I could see going back and trying another specialty pizza. Probably not going to be your every week pizza though. But if you’re looking for something different and a friendly clean place try this place