Pizza Review
I came here directly after going to Granfanallys for lunch to directly compare two of the top rated pizza spots in the state of New Hampshire against each other. I figured this place would make my dad happy since they have a large selection of beer on tap and are known for their high quality brews! The restaurant itself is slightly less than average in size, and it was quiet considering we were there during a football game which was playing on the lone 32" television they had in the place! As for the pizza I got my normal order of a half cheese half roni cooked well. I'm not sure if you can tell by the picture or not, but the pepperoni side was cooked significantly more well done than the cheese. This caused the pepperoni side to be very crispy while the cheese almost seemed like it had too much flop in comparison. The pizza was still very good and I can see why this place is so popular! If my pizza had been cooked evenly I would have gone in the 8's, and on a side note my dad said the beer was a 9.6 all day!