Pizza Review
Got a plain pie and ate it at home. It did get a little bent out of shape due to the car ride despite our best efforts, but nevertheless, the highlight of their pie for me is the sauce. It has a nice creamy tomato sauce that feels like it has a presence on the pie and isn't just there out of necessity like some other pizzas. The cheese is good and in healthy proportion to the rest of the slice, which is thin-sliced, Manhattan style. The pie has good seasoning, however, I think they could be a little more generous with the herbs as that's what really makes a pie go from good to great oftentimes and this one has some, but more on the minimalistic side. It has good undercarriage with only slight flop, however that was likely because of the steaming which occurred in the box. The crust is very crispy and tastes fine, not very dry either and generally gets the job done well but doesn't stand out too much either. Overall, a great place to get pizza on LI and if you go, you should definitely eat it as soon as you can for the best experience. I very much recommend it if you are in the area and looking for better pizza.