Pizza Review
Saw the reviews and went to try the druNKeN granDMa and the basic pepperoni slice. . . 1. Made for a hearty and healthy lunch. 2. this is a cool pizza shop & holds its own against all the other good pizza shops in Harrisburg, PA 3. Problem is, Harrisburg has way too many sub par pizza shops — so they’re better than all the rest. 4.employees are friendly and engaging. 5. They got lots of tasty pizza slice options so check out the menu. Still can’t go in the 8’s like other reviewers. Pizza is tasty and creative, thin and stable, and I think it’s a Davey “very good” pizza. Also, crust on the 🍸👵🏼 is really good(better than the 🍕 slice)... I’ll be back!!🍕