Pizza Review
New Brunswick is a college town known for having a ton of options for food. More so in the last 20 years since I graduated. So when I saw Krispy Pizza of Brooklyn came to the Banks of the old Raritan, I figured this could be really good for the students of RU. You expect to get crappy pizza when you’re out drinking near Old Queens. Maybe you even expect to pay $3.49 a slice? Yikes. I’m not cheap but this was an expensive slice. I did deviate and get a vodka slice, because when I can get vodka pizza I’m gonna get it. This one had great flavor. Good fresh mozz taste. But for whatever reason the crisp was not there. Not even a little bit. For a place called “Krispy” it should have been a snap heard all the way to Livingston Campus. But instead it was chewy, almost undercooked. The crust was kinda bland too, with whatever the sesame seeds added to the end of the crust was supposed to do, it did nothing. All in all, decent in a pinch among a sea of 2am drunken knight pizza parlors..

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