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Pizza Review
The review of this delectable pizza begins prior to even taking a bite. The box, oh Lord, the exquisite box depicts not only a witch on a broomstick, but also a large and, what I can only assume is, magnificently juicy tomato. So points awarded for keeping everyone guessing as to what may be inside. After some debate towards the messaging of this pizza box, we concluded that the contents are what we all came here for. We ordered an extra large BBQ chicken pizza with “friends” (which suggested we would be indulging in a pizza that could be found happily in all manners of social gatherings as the extroverted pizza it clearly was). This pizza lived up to and, pleasantly, surpassed them too. The amount of saliva produced by the sheer aroma of this pie had rendered my favorite form of interpersonal communication, talking, absolutely useless. The bites that followed only managed to cause my now busy mandibles to exude so much saliva from its mouth-watering goodness, that I do believe I have spoken my last words. I am drowning from my own gluttony. My only consolation is that those final words were, “thank Christ the f*ckin’ pie is here.” Fitting words for a fitting end. Thank you Le Befana for your pizza, it has condemned me to a life of silence and a mouth whose saliva flows comparable to that of the roaring and powerful Niagara Falls. I can only imagine what the grand poets of our time would say about the joy Le Befana has provided me in our short exchange.
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