Pizza Review
Score based on the plain slice (thank God for them). Standard gas fired with ingredients purchased from a distributor. None of the flavors are off putting but none of them are exceptional. Nice semolina on the bottom of the crust giving a solid crunch. A little bit of char on the bottom (not the good type of char). Once again very forgettable slice I actually had to reopen the box to make sure I actually tried the crust. This would work as a local joint when you have a coupon but if you discover a better local place this joint will become an afterthought. Side note** I usually don't talk about other slices but their "Brooklyn slice" appeared to be visually beautiful. A small tear rolled down my eye when I looked at it... And then a few more came out of my eye holes when I actually tried it. It's literally the standard slice (same ingredients and everything) just reversed. You are charging more to put the sauce and cheese on in opposite order? For an upside down slice you need to have an exceptional sauce that's ready to be the host of the flavor party. This sauce just doesn't do that job. The "specialty" slice is far worse than the plain as it highlights the weakness of the generic flavor. That's a review!!!!