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I dont know why i haven’t reviewed this place yet, i’ve eaten here a dozen times. The picture is of the Brooklynn slices and don’t bust my balls about it not being a plain cheese slice. The rating is for the plain cheese, it was incredible. I’ve had worse slices from here but its always a pretty trustworthy spot for at least a decent slice. I asked for everything well done. The plain slice came out nice and crispy, zero flop, thin flakey crust, the tomato shined through in the sauce. The cheese on the plain slice was slightly salty and a little greasy but still very good. The rating on the Brooklynn slice, 8.7. It was fresh out the oven, crisp on the bottom, sauce was slightly sweet like it should be. The guy running the place took a slice of Brooklynn for himself, and slapped some fresh basil on it, thats a bold move Frankie, might try that next time. Also had a Margherita slice, i’d rate that an 8.3. I highly recommend giving this place a shot!

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