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Very solid tavern style pie, won’t be disappointed.

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Pizza Review
I think I just found my new favorite thin crust pizza place in Chicago. This place might have 5 or 6 tables and is tucked away in a strip mall. I kind of like it that way, like it's my secret spot. I ordered the "thin" NOT "extra thin". I found what I ordered to be very thin to begin with so I'm glad I didn't go with "extra" like other reviews. However, the flavor of this pizza is incredible. It is very savory and natural tasting. Fresh. It's something about how the bite is uniform of the cheese fusing with the sauce that I really enjoyed. It is seasoned well. You have the saltiness from the cheese and pepperoni into the smooth sauce blend for a clean bite. The crust is crispy and a rougher texture, just how I like my crust versus smooth NY style. The slices themselves have a good proportion of ingredients, but don't have much mass to them. You will need to eat a few to fill you. The prices are reasonable as well. I have to check out their deep dish soon and I'll update. Check. Them. Out. Second visit: As promised, I'm back after getting their stuffed pizza. It. Is. Incredible. You see, the sauce is soooo important when it comes to stuffed pizza in order to balance out the mass amount of cheese. Again, these guys know how to make a pizza. The sauce tastes very fresh with just a hint of natural sweetness. I almost got a pasta marinara flavor from it with the consistently of a smooth pizza sauce. It wasn't overwhelming either. Just enough. As I mentioned in my previous review, they know how to balance the flavors and ingredients. The bottom of the pizza was still firm and crispy, where some other stuffed pizzas get way too soggy. Toward the end of the slice, I was able to pick it up and eat pretty easily. I gave JB's my stamp of approval for best stuffed pizza in Chicago, but this might be neck and neck now. I'll update again once I order their pan pizza. Hang tight.