Pizza Review
Just down the road from the famous Kinchley’s Tavern is this highly rated pizzeria. Seeing such impressive scores piqued my interest in their pies. Upon further investigation, I realized the ratings are bolstered due to the “Fresh Mozzarella Pie.” To give a fair overall score, I decided to try both the regular cheese & fresh mozz pizzas. Starting with the regular pie, absolutely nothing to see here…very pedestrian, borderline subpar, no reason to waste your time, 6.5 and that’s generous. However, the fresh mozzarella pie is outstanding! Maybe one of the best kept secrets among Jersey pizza, this pie dazzles to say the least. The sauce is the super star; very sweet, garlic flavored, bursting with zesty flavor, plenty of zip and tang, a top 10 pizza sauce I’ve ever had. The fresh mozzarella is creamy and delicious but it’s very tiny, not nearly enough on the pie. The balance with the sauce is way off; it might as well be called a “tomato pie.” The dough is surprisingly thin, grandma pizza style, with and incredibly delicious & crunchy crust. The middle of the pie is a bit soggy and could use some crisping to match the edge pieces, but still very solid and tasty. This is a must-try pie, definitely worth traveling for, coming in at an 8.5 just for the sauce alone. They should use the same sauce on their regular cheese pizza to save that from mediocrity. If they added more cheese to the fresh mozzarella pie, we’re talking elite level 9s. But as it stands, 8.5 for fresh mozz, 6.5 for regular cheese, comes out to a 7.5 overall.