Pizza Review
Bigger than a personal pie, fancier than a bar pie, this goes into a special category I call “Tavern Pie.” Attached to an Italian restaurant called “Grappa,” La Piazza pies can be ordered as terrific shareable appetizers. This is their Margherita style, with nice big pieces of creamy fresh mozzarella stretched atop. Underneath this delectable cheese is a very flavorful sauce, both zesty and sweet, the absolute perfect amount. The base of the dough is a tad soggy and floppy; it could definitely use some crisping. The crust has a nice level of crispness and is fairly tasty as well. This is surprisingly solid pizza overall and they also appear to have some really delicious-looking specialty pies. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try this pizza but it’s definitely top tier in the area.