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Pizza Review
Hands down some of the best pizza I had in awhile. Immediately when I walked in, I knew what I was getting myself into. The man was very ethnic which makes sense because I’m in a foreign country. I don’t think he was Italian but he was close enough. I asked for a cheese slice and he pointed to this one and said it was the “American” Slice. So to talk about the pizza, the crust was exactly what I’m looking for in a crust. It had a nice charred flavor to it. It wasn’t too airy and it wasn’t too crunchy. It was just right. They also had residual flour on it which is always a plus. The crust ratio at the end of the slice was a little minimal but not too bad. Sometimes you gotta have quality over quantity, ya know? The cheese to sauce ratio was slightly in favor of the cheese but not by much. The flavor of the cheese was remarkable. When the slice came out hot, the cheese was thickly steaming on top without the soupy contraption occurring that sometimes happens. The sauce had a nice subtle flavor that I wish stood out more to be honest. You could tell they made it with love though. Maybe the owner is just shy or self conscious about his sauce and he just needs someone to encourage him more. So if you’re reading this, just know that you got good sauce and don’t listen to what anyone else says about it because their opinions don’t matter. Only my opinions matter because my opinions are facts. If you’re in Munich and love good pizza, I definitely recommend stopping by this place. Hopefully more reviews to follow.
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