Pizza Review
This place is everything you hate about the Illinois suburbs. It has 3 extremes in customers: corporate yuppies who skipped Chipotle today to get something different, retirees who belong to the nearest country club, and stay-at-home moms who are having a girl’s lunch with their 8 bratty kids. I’m not hating it, but the stereotypes ring true here. Anyway, it’s a good spot. They have grandma style square slices ready to go, or you can get a one-size only artisan/Neapolitan pizza. I went with the latter. They make everything fresh and you can watch from your table as there is a mirror above the prep station. It’s cooked in a true wood fire oven. As Pres would say, it’s more fancy pizza than football pizza. However, I like that it actually has flavor. It’s not crispy except for the crust, so it has a doughy bite even though it’s pretty thin. There’s not a lot of sauce but the flavor makes up for it. Plenty of cheese too. The pizzas are about 12 inches, so I crushed it pretty easily. Overall, it’s a good lunch spot because the pizza usually comes out within 10 minutes. However, if you get here after noon, the line is to the door. Bonus: the rest of the menu is good too, like their pasta.