Pizza Review
Ok so like pizza_feen stated, its got a new name, “Camila’s To Go”. As for his review, it looks like he got a bad pie. I ordered this Margherita “well done” to combat the flop. It turned out super crispy. The dough was light, and full of nice air pockets, or as i call them, “alveoli” because im a fuckin pizza legend. I know more about pizza than you know about sucking dick. That being said, this was surprisingly good for only having a few reviews. A respectable pizza. It’s convienently located only a couple miles from the Hotel i stay at for work. The sauce was slightly sweet and was bursting with loads of roasted garlic and onion. Something i’d call a Roasted Garlic Marinara, but i’ll dumb it down for you idiots and call it “Garlicky”. There was an ample amount of fresh mozzarella and zero grease. This pizza wasn’t overly salty either. It was crispy, and they use a little cornmeal on the outer rim as they open the dough into a circle to keep it from sticking to the table and peel. A simple fresh tasting pie made with quality ingredients. I recommend you come down and give it a shot.