Pizza Review
If you, like me, were wondering why such a highly Yelp rated pizza place didn’t have a One Bite review yet, wonder no more. If you’re someone who follows Barstool Dave, you won’t want to find yourself anywhere near this place. Holy hipster hangout Batman! I’ve rarely felt more out of place than here. I digress. About the “Pizze” wood fired with a variety of assemblies to choose from. I chose the Prosciutto, the menu is pretty much all Italian (yeah it’s that kind of joint) so I can’t really tell you what all came on it but I can tell you what it DIDN’T come with, tomato based sauce. I detected some sort of olive oil “sauce”, some cheese variety that wasn’t just mozzarella, prosciutto (better be!) and a whole salad worth of arugula piled inches high on the pie, sprinkled with some parmesan because why not. All in all, not bad (I wish I could italicize that word), had a nice salty/fatty combo that was appealing. The crust had an ok flavor, a bit bland but made a little tastier with the char from the oven. The cheese had an alright texture, the meat had a decent flavor, the arugula salad on top was a bit much. I love arugula ON A SALAD, the peppery flavor is a nice component usually but it was just too much. At least the price wasn’t bad. If you like the hipster vibe, and you’re into tweaked Napolitano style pizza, then give this place a shot, if you’re looking for a traditional pie, skiiiipppp