Pizza Review
In NYC for my daughters college tour.. Bella, The Duchess & Myself.. hungry for pizza.. plans tonight at Numero 28.. and for lunch Lazzara’s Pizza.. Dave was spot on.. I gave the best sauce I’ve ever tried a 9.6, the cheese a 9.1, the crust a 9.2 and the construction a 9.2 for a complete score of 9.3!! Really really really something special.. never mind drive.. get in a plane and fly to try!! Meatballs remind me of Lucali’s which are my favorite.. I’ll give these a 9.3 as well.. fried calzone was alright.. unused to live as a kid.. not crazy about the fried flavor anymore.. calzone an 8.1.. but the tortellini en brodo was absolutely delicious.. I’m giving that a 9.6.. all and all I could stake my reputation on this spot.. it truly is a Triple Mint Place!!!

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