Pizza Review
There was a lot of anticipation and expectation around this visit. Lee’s was the first I’d ever heard of a SI pizza scene many moons ago, and this was my first visit to SI. The atmosphere was promising enough - everything you’d want in a neighborhood tavern: a bar, some “sit where you like” tables, and table service. Unfortunately, the pizza was a bit of a bust. The crust was thin and crackery, but more like the tasteless water crackers that you might get at the last minute for a dinner party. The sauce an cheese was equally bland. One thing that did stand out was the presence of cupping pepperoni on the half pep that I ordered. I suppose the silver lining to the bland pizza was that it didn’t distract from thie nice pep flavor. (Side note: my brother doused his pie in oregano and salt and said that it was much improved). Overall, a great place for a beer but save room for pizza elsewhere.