Pizza Review
Whoever gave this a 6.8 rating is smoking crack. This pizza is off the chain! This is so far the best pizza I have had in the West Palm Beach area. A coworker of mine who is a West Palm Beach native told me about this place so I had to try it. They use all quality ingredients. The crust was perfect. Excellent crunch and crisp to it. Crunchy outside with a light inside. Not dry at all. Sauce had a really good tang to it. Cheese was very good. Overall excellent flavors. So far to-date since I've downloaded the app, this is my top 3 places I've had in south FL. My #1 spot still isn't able to be rated on the app so theoretically this is my #2 spot that I've rated in all of south FL. This pizza can contest/beat some places from up north in the Boston area where I'm from and Ik good pizza. The 6.8 kid needs to never review pizza again. I gave a few slices to some of the guys at work and their eyes popped out of their head. They've been in Florida for a long time and some are natives and said this is one of the best pizza places they've had down here. Go try it! 8.6 for FL pizza all day long. May be slightly high but idgaf this was damn good.