Good pizza. Greasier than i remembered, flop was a little much. Sauce is just really on point.
Pizza Review
Family-run by third generation pizza makers with Neapolitan style thin crust origins dating back to 1937, there’s a lot of history and expertise that goes into every pie. Deliciously fresh ingredients, each pie is handcrafted and uniquely shaped. The dough is outstanding in both taste & texture, medium thin, bigger than a bar pie and they offer 4 different ways to order your pie: well done, crispy (which I opted for), regular or undercooked (I don’t know what psycho would request this). There’s also an option for “Aunt Mary Style” which is with black pepper & garlic powder. Along with the dough, the crust has just about the perfect level of crisp, thin & tasty, absolutely exquisite. The sauce is full bodied, hearty & strong, great tang and a very distinct flavor. I always prefer a saucier pie to a dry pie but there is just slightly too much sauce in relation to the thinness of the dough. The cheese is also a thick blend of mozzarella, delicious but far too thick for such a thin based pizza. If the dough were thicker, this wouldn’t even be an issue. But it’s a terrific pie overall, the crispy thin crust style is definitely the way to go, just dial back the sauce a smidge and the cheese a bit more and we’re talking easy 8s. Some might argue this belongs in the 8s already but I’m gonna hold them to a higher standard to see if these little adjustments can make a difference. Well worth trying and traveling within a half hour.