Pizza Review
Wow, this little pie place known as “Little Pops NY Pizzeria Express” is a great find. When there’s no Chicago style pizza around in Chicago besides Giordano’s, you must seek out the only other alternative: New York style. Now you’d be surprised, but this is a solid NY style. There is a very good amount of sauce on the pie, and the cheese pulls apart like in a commercial. The mini pepperonis are flavorful and I delight in the perfect amount of time in the oven just to give it that nice crisp on top. Crust is airy but not a ton of crunch, which is okay for this. Lots of flop but forgivable in light of the flavor and it being NY style. Very good pizza though, if I’m ever in town again I will definitely be eating at this place. 7.6. That’s a review. P.S. I even got a picture with the owner (Little Pop)!! But unfortunately OneBite does not allow you to upload 2 pictures! Outrageous! I even emailed them but still no response… so I had to post a picture of the pie so y’all get a glimpse of how amazing it is. Ask me to see the picture of the owner🤗