Pizza Review
I will not judge the pizza by the experience i had here, but i WILL tell you about it. I came in and i was the only one there, the only guy working was spun out on either dope, or maybe he’s just naturally all fucked up like that. It took him all of 10 minutes before he noticed i was there, then he strolled out of the back with scabs and scarred up arms, skin was tore off his knuckles, his eyes were all sunk in and he just looked like meth... i mean death.. or both! This pizza is very good for the area. Pizza from around here sucks a bag of dicks and i dont just mean in this town, i mean in a 200 miles radius of this shithole. A 7.0 or higher slice is almost unheard of. Crust was good, but lacked crisp. The sauce was almost non-existant but was decent and savory. Very heavy on oregano sprinkled on the top, not a fan of that. Cheese was fine. Overall 6.9 because i have had good pizza. For the people who have never ventured out of this area, its about as good as you’re going to get.