Pizza Review
So all in all, it’s ok. I’ve been here once before and all I remember is that they put cold mozzarella on their slices and that it was annoying as hell to get a parking spot. It’s also crowed as hell in there too. The owner also gives off that old school Italian vibe which is awesome. It makes the pizza more authentic. Ok so to start out, the crust is pretty good. It’s got good texture. It isn’t too airy and it isn’t too doughy. It’s just right. It also has a weird imprinted texture at the bottom of the crust that’s kinda like an Oreo. That probably makes no sense but if you had the slice, you would know what I mean. There was no residual flour on the crust and the ratio of it at the end of the slice was perfect. The cheese I must say is better than usual slices. It’s got a fresh taste to it and I genuinely do like it more than other cheeses I find on slices. Perhaps that’s why the man does his cold slices. The cheese to sauce ratio is also slightly favoring the sauce and the sauce isn’t anything special. The combination of the sauce and cheese did create that soupy thing on top of the slice but it wasn’t bad. Overall it’s not a bad slice. I would come again. Now for the cold cheese slice, i would have to agree and say it’s a gimmick slice. I was brought out here by a friend just to try the cold slice because he highly recommended it. I’m sure a lot of other people have been in that situation as well. It’s nothing too special but I will say that I actually do enjoy the cold slice. They have some fresh tasting Mozzarella and I’m a big fan of fresh cold mozzarella. So for that, I would score their cold slice at a 6.8. In conclusion, check this place out and support the old man. Thank you.