Pizza Review
Little Vincents! This place has been around since 1972. At least that's what it says on the door, and I bet it hasn't changed a bit in 47 years. Why? Because you get this classic and strangely original feel as soon as you walk through the door. You got the old pictures of celebrities signing off to Vincent himself. Guys like Telly Savalas, Jackie Fontana and a bunch of other Italian Americans from the 70’ s. But overall you can tell this place is dedicated to one thing, and that's Pizza. Almost midnight on a Wednesday and there is a constant line flowing in ordering slices and and whole pizzas. And Vincent did not dissapoint in the pizza department. Awesome crust, crispy throughout. 4 slices in and still crispy. It has a nice savory sauce and a very distinctive cheese taste. This place came highly recommended. Definitely worth a trip to check it out. Check out my buddy Zac in the pizza pic with his Hawaiian shirt. He fit right in like that scene from "The Wanderers".