Pizza Review
Not to be confused with Lucali of Brooklyn or Miami, not even close, Locali serves personal size, wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza. The pie I tried seemed very rushed, pulled from the oven too soon and mostly undercooked. Very soft and doughy, the thinner areas of the pizza were a little crispier but mostly mushy overall. The crust was charred but also very soft and chewy. The cheese was not melted well at all, just clumps of watery mozzarella, lacking consistency and rather sour-tasting. Worst of all, the sauce was quite unpleasant, combined with the sour cheese, producing a kind of vomit-type flavor. After seeing so many high scores, this was massively disappointing. It’s unfortunate cause this actually looks like a really nice date spot with a rather extensive menu. Perhaps I got a rare, undercooked pie negatively affecting the rating. With so many enticing specialty pizzas, I may be willing to try a different pie on-site; but until then, I really can’t recommend based on the pizza I had.