Pizza Review
I called in my pizza ahead of time, they told me 15-20 minutes. I showed up 22 minutes later, there was no cooked pie anywhere to be found. The guy behind the counter looked baffled and then without telling me, shoved a raw pie in the oven and walks away. I said: “Is that my pizza?” He said: “Yeah, it’ll be 10 minutes.” I should have walked out right then and there. But I waited like a moron, 17 minutes for this pie. No apologies, no free soda, no money off the for their business practices, they get a ZERO. Even though they put a bad taste in my mouth to start, I will still give this pie a fair score. That being said, it’s pretty generic, nothing special at all. Sauce is ok, a notch above average. Cheese is standard, very basic and a little well done. The dough is firm, medium crisp, with decent crunchy crust. Maybe I would have enjoyed the pie a little more if they didn’t dig such a big hole in the customer service department. All things considered, I could have crushed them with a terrible rating, but this score is more than fair.