Pizza Review
If this is grandma style pizza, then the chef’s grandma must be an ant. If you’re having a difficult time with scale based on the picture, the pizza is served in a 1/8 sheet pan. Interestingly enough, it worked pretty well as an app to split between three people at brunch. Outside of this “app-lication” (excuse the terrible pun), however, I don’t see this pie having much utility. Yes, it was very flavorful due to the high whole wheat content; however the whole wheat very noticeably weighed down the crumb. The result was a crust that was strangely crunchy all the way through - almost like some type of ciabatta-cracker hybrid. The sauce was fresh and bright, the cheese shiarp and and salty. For a brunch (or even appetizer) pizza I’d say Loring does a pretty good job - just don’t expect these types of pies/slices to fly of the shelf of a neighborhood slice joint.