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Pizza Review
So when i realized my journey would be taking me to the "Windy City" the first thing I did as an All Star pizza reviewer was start looking into who was the best. Who was on top of the pizza pedestal of this God forsaken city. Instantly the bleacher creatures come out and start chirping up "Shady you need to go to Malnati's".... Now let's get something straight. I'm not a tourist. I want the food of THE PEOPLE! Even so though people kept getting in my ear like little pizza devils and angels sitting on my shoulder. So here I am doing only what I can compare to "Eating Olive garden in Manhattan" ___ Now let me be honest. I am NOT a deep dish guy. "If it's thin I'm in" (copyrighted) I would go as far to argue deep dish pizza isn't even pizza and that it's casserole. Just because it's round and cut into triangles doesn't make it pizza. ___ Opening the box I was surprised. From the top down this was a beautiful looking disc. It's a work of fucking art. First off pulling a slice out of this beast could only be compared to unsheathing Excalibur from the stone. I felt like I was lifting Thors Hammer. 2 inches at minimum of sauce, cheese and dough ___ The best way to describe this Pizza is to take a mid 7's New York style and just have lots and lots of everything. The ingredients when used in proper ratio taste great together and that was the case here. The structural integrity of the crust was definitely in question but when you are supporting a small houses worth of ingredients that's understandable. GREAT STRETCH on the Mozzarella. ___ My issues with deep dish is that I don't feel like it's very well thought out. After one slice the entire rest of the pizza is ice cold. I made the mistake of having two slices and I might as well of eaten 100 pounds of food. I felt gross afterwards. You should eat pizza and feel good and not like a human blob. By the end you're essentially drunk on pizza and passing out is the only option. ___ As a pizza I'm going to give this a 7.3 which may sound surprising BUT as a food and taking out the fact these chicagoinians are trying to con us by calling this pizza I'm going to rate this a 7.7. I wouldn't mind coming home to mom's on a weekend and find this cooking in the oven. ___ My theory still remains true. If you put quality cheese and sauce on a frisbee it'll taste fucking amazing.
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