Straight up good pizza
Pizza Review
8.1 (Plain) 8.3 (Sausage) Louie & Ernies has been serving up classic NY thin crust pizza since 1959 and that 60+ years of experience shines through. First and foremost, if any of you know me by now, you know I absolutely adore a thin slice with no flop. L&E’s has nearly perfected that thin crust almost to the point where it’s possibly too thin! I took my first bite and although it was super thin, the first couple bites weren’t as crisp as you would think, it did improve towards the 2nd half though. The sauce to cheese ratio was perfect however, providing savory bright flavors with hints of sweetness. The back crust was again very thin, but this was very nicely done to a crisp and crunchy exterior with just the right amount of give in the bite. There were areas towards the back crust that almost had a cracker like consistency which for me were absolutely delicious. I couldn’t go to L&E’s without getting their famed sausage slice though, the weight of the sausage was just too much for the paper thin crust so it did have some added flop resulting in this slice requiring two hands for the first 2 or 3 bites to fully enjoy but in any case it was still amazing due to the immense flavors. The large chunks of savory Italian sausage were awesome, bold hints of fennel as well. I think if the slices I got were just a touch crisper to hold up on the fold, I would’ve scored in the mid 8’s because everything else was on point. L&E’s is one of the must-go pizza spots if you’re anywhere near the Bronx, you’ll be happy that you did!