Pizza Review
Alright party people here’s the deal: I’ll start this review off by saying in the middle of a fucking PANDEMIC, it’s never been more important to shop local! What we have here is a sausage New York style pizza from Luca’s. Don’t let the shape fool you, this shit is normally big ass triangles. Luckily for us, they cut it into squares upon request (feeds more). Respect. Let’s dive into this shit. I know what you guys are thinking, “this asshole has no idea what he’s talking about”. Listen up fuckers, I’ve been to the dirty streets of New York and had the best damn pizza that state has to offer. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t quite live up to New York’s pizza. But if New York pizza is a hot step-sister, Luca’s pizza would be like a hot second cousin that isn’t exactly okay to kiss. The sauce is solid, the crust is phenomenal, and the cheese ain’t bad! This pizza gets an 8.1 all day in my book and that’s no mistake, that’s what it is. Deal with it bitches. *Mic Drop* *Fuck Carol Baskin*