Pizza Review
Pie with garlic, basil & mushroom- A disappointing score considering I held this pizza to high expectation. First, the service was subpar; the server was paying no attention to our pie, which had been sitting for a considerable amount of time prior to being handed over to us. Needless to say, the pie was not piping hot. Secondly, while the crust and mozzarella were phenomenal, the sauce, while homemade, was too sweet for my personal appeal. Finally, Lucali sprinkles grated parmesan all over the pie which takes a sting out of the flavor of the mozzarella. It additionally tells me that they lack having adequate confidence in their ingredients. It’s a major disappointment, especially when taking into account that this is a full point below Portnoy’s review, and based on the naked eye, this is becoming more of a commercialized pizzeria, as they are significantly lacking appropriate customer service.