🍕 Meat Likers ⭐️ 5.9 💸 $9 💭 If a guy named Luigi is making your pizza, chances are it’s going to be good. Luigi has been cranking out authentic Italian pizza at Universal Studios since 1989. 29 years of slinging dough is respectable by anyone’s standards. Plenty of time to grow a pizza belly and a mean mustache. If you make pizza for a living and you’re not fat, your pizza sucks. Luigi’s slices are big, doughy, cheese and meaty. Everything you’d expect from amusement park pizza but it’s actually not half bad. Crispy bacon really bumped this up and the ratio of toppings to dough made this a pretty enjoyable slice. Is it overpriced? Sure. But after a full day of riding rides and a couple beers this hits the spot. There’s better pizza on the City Walk but sometimes you gotta take in the whole experience: grab a Duff Beer and a slice of Luigi’s and have yourself a day.