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Ok , we are at Mackay Pizza and Frankie we know it’s Covid time so we came early and ordered at 11:30am and there is already a 45minute wait —> we knew that this place has good pizza as it has gotten rave reviews around the west end of Toronto—> so it’s only natural that there is a good wait for a good pie—> so we will not be deducting any points for that and it’s been a few weeks that we’ve been contemplating coming here and we are finally here (pizza review time Jan 14th @ 12:15pm)... Waited outside Frankie —> for 45min —> we have a really good feeling about this review and we are slowly coming to an end to our west end pizza reviews (few places left to try ... couple fancy pizza joints that only open at 4-5pm). We will try every single independent or small franchise pizza in the West End before we move East (tomorrow reviews in Markham actually)... and we will continue doing reviews on small independent places where ever this takes us —> We will also do all the franchises—> but it will be rare -> that we do a franchise twice. So no matter what town we are in if we’ve already tried that franchise? It won’t be our first choice to try again—> because once you’ve tried one franchise? you’ve tried them all and there’s plenty of people around to review those places—-> that’s a lesson on franchise pizza and we will continue to review the independents —> alright Frankie—> one bite everyone knows the rules—> on a sidenote we almost tried the basic cheese slice because there was one ready -> on the counter and it did not look that great and We don’t want to purposely order something that we know is not going to get a good review ... ( some would call it 4.1 slice Frankie - I wouldn’t - some would - I wouldn’t)...and therefore we decided to wait the 45 minutes for them to make us a fresh basic Sicilian pie for the review—> interesting backstory here Frankie about Mackay Pizza —> they are a Long-standing mainstay in Brampton dishing up Sicilian-style pizza, plus Jamaican patties & sandwiches —> and we all know the story Frankie! When a independence starts to branch out and do more than their basic skill —> which they are known for ? sometimes the pie can suffer—-> but as far as the advertising goes? McKay pizza is not suffering from this at all—> but I got to say Frankie the reviews for this place are all over the map—> on this app there’s scores in the 8s and one in the 7s ... couple more in the 5s and 6s —-> yelp reviews are all over the place as well —> and results get kind of skewed when you have such a long time business here —> like MacKay pizza —> because there’s so many people that went to school around here and lived off of this pizza (for so long) and the history that it has —> plus the salt of the earth people that are working there —-> makes a lot of people just give it top marks —> and we feel it has less to do with the quality of the food and more to do with the entire establishment and the great people running it —-> BUT you can Count on us that we do not get swayed by any of these feelings —> we are here to give honest reviews—> (scored 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go)—-> Mackay Pizza-> sauce has some tangy with a garlic oil touch -> undercarriage was perfect for such a thick pie —> it was heavy and very good —> nice fresh ingredients with a crisco cheese type crust ... it did have zero flop ... In true Sicilian style —> this Pizza is a ~> 6.1 (professional score)! Very good , excellent pie —> poor customer service —> good ingredients—> super long wait —> definitely a place to order from in advance —> enjoyed the pie —> finished the entire thing and we will be back —> 6.1 —> that’s a review!