Pizza Review
Thai Pie Review - On Thin Crust First thing is first this was a new one for me, never had a Thai pizza before but I was willing to try this. Out of the gate the pizza had a great crunch and NO FLOP. Crust was very good but I don’t like how they let the cheese filter over the edge. As for the toppings I wasn’t a huge fan of the peanuts on the pie but I suppose with a peanut based sauce for a base it should have happened. Mandarin oranges left a nice bit of juiciness to the pizza and a taste that was necessary. Chicken and red peppers were crispy and delicious and really added to the overall flavor. Could have done without the cilantro as I don’t think it added anything to the flavor but overall a solid solid pizza at 7.4/10. A must try if you’re in the neighborhood.