Pizza Review
Here’s my first re-review... I originally gave this pizza a 6.3 or so. After an outcry of people claiming this is the best pizza (see Bills Mafia) AND a slew of newbies giving out 8’s and even a couple of 9’s, maybe I missed something? Perhaps they read my review and fixed what was wrong. Here we go... I’m not giving this a lower score out of spite. I’m fair, honest and detailed and with that said, what the @*^# is wrong with people giving this such a high score? Let’s start with the cheese. It’s standard, pre cut and takes a backseat to the sauce. The pepperoni slices were the only ones available and to be honest, this pepperoni is bad. It’s dried out and has a weird taste. Not going to dock points, just a side note. The dough, well, it did a great job letting the grease soak through to the wax paper. This was a very greasy slice. The dough was fresh but soft to the bite (due to the copious amounts of grease). The crust had minimal crunch. The sauce... wow. It’s sweet and it kills this pizza. I’m getting a bitter aftertaste of tomato paste. The seasonings try to shine through but the amount of sugar added to this sauce prevents that from happening. It’s sweet and worse than the last time I remember. Macy’s Place is completely overrated and needs an overhaul on this pizza.