Pizza Review
Manco & Manco is the most well-renowned pizza in Ocean City, maybe even in New Jersey. New Yorkers love to hate it. It scares them that an NJ pizza could be better than their NYC slices. Always thin and crispy, great crunch on the undercrust. The sauce goes on top of the cheese here, it is very zesty with hints of oregano and some tartness as well. They use a secret blend of fresh cheeses, that keeps the oil/grease level to a minimum. These guys are just cranking out pies all day long 24/7/365, they may even be open on Christmas Day. (In all serious though they are not open 24/7, more like 11 hours a day 7 days a week) This is an Ocean City staple, if you haven’t had it you’re blowing it, dude. *pairs well with a birch beer