Pizza Review
have been wanting to go to Manny's house since I heard about it. I'm pretty sure the two are brothers, but I can't confirm. They both have a New York accent. Manny's is hidden in the Arcade area in downtown Nashville. It is really hard to find. Much like Joey's, Manny's schedule runs Monday through Friday from 11am-4pm. I took a half of a day off of work to visit this establishment. Unlike Joey's, this place was disorganized as soon as I walked in the door. As I walked in the door, I wasn't greeted with southern hospitality, or even greeted at all. The first words I heard when I got into the restaurant were profanity among the employees. The looks on other customer's faces looked like they had just experienced some sort of chaos. The workers were working hard and had seemed to give the wrong order to someone. In my opinion, it wasn't very professional of the staff to act in this manner in front of customers. I honestly thought of walking back out the door and going somewhere else. After the incident, one of the workers seemed to be auctioning off pizza and no one would claim it. Behind the counter, there was a menu that listed all items and prices. I ordered a couple of slices . They were out of lasagna. They were also out of their chocolate dipped cannolis but they ended up going to the back and making me one, which was very kind. There is a minimum requirement of $5 to use a credit or debit card at this establishment. The dining area wasn't very big, but they did have two arcade games that cost 50 cents for each game. The experience wasn't great, but the food was good. It just wasn't as good as I expected it to be. The dough and the crust were great. The pizza came right out of the oven. There wasn't enough sauce on the slices I ate. The cheese was good too. It was good pizza. I feel like Manny's is a great place to go for a quick slice. It's not the best pizza in Nashville, but it is worth a try. The chocolate dipped cannoli was awesome! It was very similar to the one I had a Joey's. Be sure to give it a try if you stop at Manny's. I would give this place 7.5 stars based on my experience and would go to this place a lot for lunch, if I worked in downtown Nashville. Manny's isn't at the top of my list, but it's worth a shot for all you other pizza snobs out there.