Pizza Review
I came here yesterday, tried the Margherita pizza and I was so sorely disappointed I had to come back to give a review. I got the pepperoni slice today, not much has changed. The crust is paper thin, which isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s flavorless, like a diet wheat thin cracker. There’s virtually no sauce. The cheese may be the only saving grace, but it still doesn’t stop this pizza from tasting like a subpar version of a frozen California pizza kitchen pizza. However, the happy hour is respectable in this area, and the pizza makes for an easy snack between Mai Tai’s that would otherwise knock you the fuck out. The view is solid, overlooking a pond on a golf course, with the Pacific and Kaho’Olawe in the distance behind palm trees. Staff is cool and laid back. I wouldn’t write home about the pizza, but I’d come back for everything else. Bonus points inflate the score, but pizza is more than pizza and I think venue should be a factor.