Here reviewing the Marco’s in the student union. Let’s preface it with this: it’s chain pizza. Do we expect much? No, not even close. It’s for college kids, and it’s open till 2 AM for a reason. Pizza has absolutely no flop. It feels like I’m holding a Percy Jackson novel; the slice doesn’t move when holding it. I would expect a little flop, not much though. Cheese was decent at best. Not melted enough, tasted like it was melted on top but not all the way through. I got a pepperoni pizza and it tasted fine. Nothing special, just pepperoni I can probably pick up at Walmart; a few pieces were crispy on the edges though, which was nice. The sauce was just flat out not good. No tang, not much flavor, just pure tomato with a little basil. Wasn’t a fan. Overall: 3.1, it’s for college kids. However, there’s better options, folks.