Pizza Review
Alrighty Franky Marco's Pizza in Palm City, hung out with damn near the whole staff last week.....loving the cheese distribution, sauce has a great tang....A dominos/Pizza Hut/ Papa John's esk pizza....WAY BETTER than the corporate boys....keep getting that "tang" in the sauce every bite, digging it. Got to be honest to the pizza game, a fresher new comer to chain pizza....I hate the box cause it's a picture of other types of pizza they sell, I know its corporate but seeing the old fashioned white or brown box is what people love.....Taste, cheese, awesome sauce, 11:04 PM on a Sunday and they still deliver a great pizza....Dominos/Pizza Hut/Papa John's are all 4.4's...some 4.8's....Giving this an easy 7.1 got to be true to the pizza game but that's a heck of a score for a heck of a slice! 7.1 that's a know what, I have to make it a 7.4, havnt had a bite in 3 minutes and I still got that AWESOME twang from the sauce on the side of my taste buds...Oh yeah, 7.4 Franky, that's a review