Pizza Review
I’m not quite sure what I walked into...I felt like I needed to show ID to enter but this place was lacking a bouncer...did I walk back into time in an old strip club? Or a run down American legion?..not sure...either way, I needed a waitress to sit me down to order my 2 slices. Pizza was warm at best. A bit of crunch but the crust itself was a tad doughy. (Pizza was re-heated). Sauce tastes like a broken version of Ragu with a hint of Salvation Army. This is strip club pizza, at best. If looks could kill, this pizza does it. I’m giving it a 5.1 only because I was freaking starving and I felt bad for the waitress that stood in the “dining area” with only 1 table of guests during peak eating time. One bite, everyone knows the rules.