Pizza Review
Went here for a near closing time slice… Super thin, super light crust. Not airy or crunchy type crispy but crispy, charred crust all the way to the cornicione. Excellent crust to find on New York style pizza. Sauce to mozzerella cheese tips towards the cheese but Mario's put such a light layer on there. I like that. Slice isn't overwhelmed and oozing with cheese. It's stiff like a folded 8.5 by 11in piece of paper. Sauce definitely has an umami, I'm guessing, tomato paste enhanced flavor. Or maybe it's from sitting out, heh. Hiny of dry oregano but barely. Not salty or garlicky. Mozzerella? Low moisture and not greasy. This is above average NY style slice, especially with the crust. Get it if you're a crust person who likes a light pizza, not oily, with a simple but umami tomatoey paste sauce.