Pizza Review
Normally I only order plain pizza but was with group that like pepperoni so we tried traditional pie with ronis and their thick Sicilian pie (plain). If you are looking for a traditional NY pie this (their traditional pie) definitely was not it… crust though fresh, was thick, very buttery, soft(chewy) and very very heavy! Good sauce/cheese but nothing to write home about… though I’m not a Roni guy there was an ample amount as seen in the picture. The traditional pie was almost as heavy as the Sicilian thick crust. The Sicilian as expected was thick and like the traditional very buttery and soft… pie very very cheesy!! I think it’s a layer of cheese, topped with sauce and then blanketed with another layer of cheese. I believe the traditional large was 16” and the Sicilian was 14”…? Between the 3 of us (normally each can polish off half a 16”) We we’re amazed that we had a whole pie left when done. Told you it was very heavy. The owner (working the front counter) was beyond gracious… such a sweetheart. She said since they opened (80’s…??) that only she or her husband have put a pie in their oven!! Amazing :)