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Ok so i had 1 cheese slice, and i’ll rate that first, 7.3. It had mild to moderate crispiness, i’d lean more towards mild. The sauce was good, and the cheese was ok, slightly salty in my opinion and i think their was a bit too much of it. The crust had good flavor and thinness was on point. Better than average for sure in the capital region. As for the Chicken, Bacon, and Tomato slice i had, it had good flavor, and plentiful amounts of toppings, but it was too much. The bacon made it so greasy, the tomato slices were a touch thick, and added even more moisture to this wet slice of mediocre mehhh slice. Too much toppings. Tone it down a little on the bacon especially, or at least pre-fry and drain the grease better, 6.5 on that slice. Now as for how this rating somehow got bumped to a 7.8 for me.... Yeah i know, it’s supposed to be rated solely on the plain slice, but i cant do that. I have to give a slight bump for how great that Square was with thick marinara and grated Pecorino Romano or whatever it is. They just called it a “grated slice” it was fucking awesome though. The flavors of that sauce was so robust and it just punched me right in the mouth with a fistful of scrumptiousness. 8.2 on that square and i almost gave it an 8.3. Wowie Zowie was i ever surprised. It was the type of pizza that instantly made my day better. Moderate crisp on the bottom, a good cook on the pizza in general, and it was buttery and did i say the sauce was great?! Such a simple square but its a must try. Go grab yourself a square.
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