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Pizza Review
This is excellent pizza, but it is not your classic thin-crust NY, CT style pie – nor is it a Grandma/ Sicilian style either (other than the shape). Based on that, I’m rating this based on how much I like it without comparison to my favorite style, “thin crust.” Undercarriage: thin crispy bottom section transitions into a chewy, lighter zone filled with yeast generated air bubbles (the crumb). This crust has a beautiful yeasty flavor (if you like sourdough bread, you’ll like it), and the two zones are very distinct and complement each other perfectly for an outstanding crispy-chew. Their website says they need three days to create the dough – I must say it is enjoyably unique. The toppings: were very fresh and flavorful – we had the Burrata and the Pesante. There is no sauce in a classic sense - they use San Marzano tomatoes to add moisture and flavor. For cheese lovers, you may want to request extra, but the other quantity of toppings was spot on for me. Overall: GrubHub delivered the pies on time, and yet they were cold – that was disappointing. I reheated the slices to perfection in a toaster oven – similar to reheating slices from L&B Spumoni Gardens (the only way I like that pie – can’t eat it fresh). I like this pie a lot and will continue to explore other versions. This may be the perfect pie when you’ve got a mix of Sicilian/Grandma style folks and Thin Crusters converging for a night of beer and University of Michigan sports!