Pizza Review
Still can't figure out this obsession with the box cut. The way pizza is cut in Ohio is like them saying, "pizza is for kids they need small pieces." Fuck you! I'm not a kid, I'm an adult. I want a full God damn slice of pizza. Massey's losses .5 pts just because its square cut, and so does any other Ohio pizza place who cuts their pizza into, 5 year olds birthday party in the backyard of grandmas house. That being said I went to Massey's pizza because on their site, the pizza pics were REAL FUCKING slices. For this massey's losses another full point! On to the review. Floppy pizza with no crispiness. Crust is still doughy. Very thin layer of sauce with a flavor that makes you wonder if the makers have ever had a tomato in their life. And the cheese is making me wonder if they just went to kroger and got the Kraft pizza blend. Final score. 1.5